Monday, February 18

Gray Hair!

Mason wanted to be the first to wish me "Happy Birthday!"

We are celebrating my birthday with the family and my carrot cake! Notice: Mason is investigating Mike's shirt. It is already starting.

Our family was headed to the park for a walk, but first mom got to open one of her presents from dad and Mason. It was the fantastic smelling perfume she had asked for!

My gradelevel from school sent these flowers for my birthday.

My sister and her husband (Alexis and Ashley) can't believe how big Mason has gotten since they saw him last.

Mason has to get his nails cut when he's asleep so that he won't wiggle to much.

I found some wiry gray hair on my head this month! We celebrated my birthday earlier this month and of course, Mason was a big hit! It might as well have been his birthday because he got more presents than I did. I guess the older you get, the less fun it is to celebrate a birthday. It just means you find more gray hair and wrinkles everywhere. We had a great time. My sister and her husband came in from Dallas, my mom made my favorite meal, while my Mawmaw made me a carrot cake. It was a great day!

I only have 3 weeks left before I have to return to my kindergarten class. I can't believe this time at home has gone by so fast. Mason will be about 14 weeks when I go back, but I still wish I didn't have to go.

This town has a horrible boy selection of clothes. I go shopping at Kohl's, JcPenney, Dillard's, Target, even Wal-Mart thinking they will have a great selection of some adorable spring outfits, but I am always wrong. There is about a 2 to 20 ratio of girls to boys clothes in the stores. It is so frustrating! Anyway, I am going to Dallas to visit my sisters this weekend (Mason's first vacation) and I am already planning to shop on Friday for some adorable boys clothes. You would think the size of Abilene would have something cute for boys, but I am always amazed that they don't.

Tuesday, February 5

Even the Doctor was Impressed!

As many of you know, we had Mason's 2 month check-up yesterday and that was a very tramatic experience. Maybe more for me than Mason, but none the less, it was rough. The good thing is, he has probably already forgotten what pain he was in yesterday. Anyway, today has been much better; things are looking up for us at the Perkins' house. I cannot believe what a chunk he has become! I like to use the term "healthy", but we have to admit that he is just a chunky monkey! He is the cutest chunky monkey I have ever seen! He is now 14.6 lbs., up from his 7.0 birth weight. At least we know he is growing in length too. He is now 24 inches long, up from 20.5 at birth. Dr. Wiley has not looked at the growth chart yet to tell us the percentages he is in for his height and weight, but we are guessing right up near the top. I do agree that Mason will take after his dad. Which I think will make him feel good because in the beginning of Mason's life (only 2 months ago), Mike was concerned that he might not be the actual father. How could he think a thing like that. (Disclaimer: He was just kidding. There is no way that he is NOT the father.) Everyone was saying that he resembled me more in the beginning, but now the tables have turned and he is resembling Mike more. Thank goodness, Mike is now totally convinced that he is in fact the father! Like he ever really doubted it. Here is to 2 months down and 10 more to go until 1 year old!

Friday, February 1

New Adventure

Today is the day that I finally gave in to all our family and friends! We are embarking on this journey of blogging to stay in touch with everyone dear to us. What ever happened to writing letters decades ago, using telephones, cellphones, writing emails, texting, and now blogging. What will they think of next? Each thing keeps getting less personable, but I guess that is what happens to busy people like us. We lead a hectic life, but we'll do our best to find time for this way of communicating to our family and friends. Hope all are well!