Thursday, October 23

Happy Birthday Daddy!

What a SWEET boy!

Pictures are in the wrong order...this is the aftermath! Look at those spikes!

Mason's 1st haircut! He is such a big boy.

Mason's 1st Wylie football game! He even has a jersey to wear with his daddy's old number.

"Sister's Trip '08" Mason was happy to be along for the ride. He likes new adventures!
Alexis, me, and Estee in Flordia together.

Mike turned the BIG 3-0 today! Mason and I sang to him as soon as he got up this morning. We are celebrating with our families this weekend, but the three of us are going to Buffalo Wild Wings tonight for dinner and then to Cold Stone ice cream for dessert. That is going to be a treat for us becuase we have been doing so good eating at home.
The big fair came to town in September, so had to take Mason! He did really well! We ate there first, then we bought some overpriced tickets and Mason rode a few rides with Mike or myself. Mason smiled almost the entire time we were there!
A few weeks later, Aunt Alexis (my oldest sister), Mason, and I went to Florida to visit Aunt Estee (my other sister) and Uncle Taris for a few days. It was Mason's first experince at the beach and I think he liked it. We really did not get in the water, just sat on the edge and let the water come to us. I forgot how sandy it gets and I could tell it was bothering Mason, so we got in the bathtub as soon as we got home.
As for Mason...he is almost 11 months old and doing so much! The biggest thing is that he is "cruising" or walking all around the house. He loves to hold on to something (couch, chair, table, dresser, bed, crib, etc.) with one hand and walk along beside it. I can't believe this first year has gone by so fast. He has really slowed down in his weight gain, but I can't say the same thing about his height. He is weighing 26.8 pounds and measuring 31 1/2 inches long. He has 5 teeth now and working on more.
I just wanted to give a little update and I'll be back later with some Halloween pictures soon! Until then...take care!