Tuesday, March 4

3 Months Old!

Estee, my sister, drove all the way from Florida to visit her only nephew!

Like father, like son! Mason was too hungry to wait for mom to take the picture.

Mason likes to hang out with Pops.

Look at that sweet face. Mason had one last smile to give before getting in the bathtub.

Sassy, the family dog, takes every opportunity to get some attention from any parent who is willing to love on her.

Mason loves to smile!

He likes to play on his mat. Notice he is holding his favorite toy!

The whole family is about to go on a walk together. I don't think Sassy likes being in Mason's seat. She would prefer to walk.

I can't believe it! 3 months have already gone and went so quickly. I hear people say, "before you know it, he'll be out of your house and in college." Now I am starting to believe them. Mason is doing fabulous! We hit several milestones last week. He started sleeping in his crib on Wednesday (Feb. 27th), slept all night from 10:00p.m. to 7:10a.m. on Friday (March 1), he can lock his knees for a bit and stand on your lap, he can hold his head up pretty good (still alitttle tipsy), he has gotten really good at using his neck and arm muscles during tummy time, and he now "grabs" for his favorite toy if we are holding it and he likes us to put it in his hand so he can hold it. I tell you...he is just brilliant! It sure is fun seeing his personality starting to form. When Mike gets home from flying all day, Mason just looks at him with the biggest smile! It absolutely melts our hearts. That's all to report for now. We hope you all are doing well. Have a good week!